Five Pillars

Art and Craft

The school has a strong tradition of teaching through and about art which enriches the experience of students while at school and prepares them for life after school. To encourage self-expression and creativity and build a sense of individual identity, our art and craft room is endowed with diverse creative resources and materials that children have easy access to.

Annual School Excursion

Annual School Excursion is another dimension to our teaching and learning to enrich our children’s experience by giving them exposure to various places in and outside Kathmandu valley where they delve in nature, culture and day-to-day lives of the local community.

Parental guidance and Counseling

We provide counseling service focusing on personal and intellectual development of our children. The counseling service is aimed at helping students, parents and teachers develop positive experiences as a part of school community so that everyone can contribute in the best possible way for the development of our children.

Outdoor Education (Field Trips)

We believe that outside-the-classroom exposures such as field trips are integral parts of curriculum. The purpose of these activities is to teach our children through self-involvement using primary resources. While these exposures make children aware of our culture, tradition and nature, they also provide ample opportunities for them to hone various life skills.