Five Pillars

Customized Curriculum

Our curriculum is unique in the sense that it is customized to fit the needs of children as well as the society they will grow into. The school has developed its own curriculum under the framework of IB PYP incorporating but not limiting itself to the national curriculum. Our academic leadership in collaboration with teachers and students have created interesting, engaging, challenging and relevant curriculum that is of both local and global significance. The curriculum at Genius is reflective of students’ curiosity and deep research of the school’s academic leadership. In this sense, we are free from textbooks; however, use them as resource materials as per need. Skills to be mastered in each grade level, resource materials, literatures, depth of subject content, expected subject proficiency are carefully designed based on rigorous research and rapidly-changing academic needs. The curriculum at Genius aims to fulfill the demands of the complex 21st century world.

Workshop based Model

Relentless researches in the field of education have shown that despite excelling in academics, children are failing largely to deal with the little problems of everyday life and are at complete loss when it comes to making real life decisions. As a response to this, Genius school has introduced a workshop based learning approach where children practically learn skills needed to prepare for real life. WBM is an innovation in education which, we believe, will bring a paradigm shift in the field of Nepal’s education system. This program will expose children to non-academic real world problems and engage them in logical, meaningful and collaborative learning. The academic leadership of the school in collaboration with experts from various fields has come up with a comprehensive semi and non-academic projects to prepare children for real life and develop entrepreneurship.

Service Action

Children at Genius IB World School are envisaged to develop into caring and compassionate individuals who have empathy for other people and living beings. To this end, we involve our children in service action projects on a daily/weekly/fortnightly basis where children have to render service to the ones in need in the community inside and outside the school. Service Action is mandatory for all children from grade one through middle school. Under this program, children are engaged in creative and responsible learning by taking actions to deliver a selfless service at the stake of their comfort.

Strong co-curricular activities

We believe that the co-curricular activities play a pivotal role in the development of students' learning. It is a proven fact that co-curricular activities provide opportunity for balanced learning essential for physical and mental wellbeing. At Genius, we have embedded a variety of co-curricular activities as an integral part of learning in each grade. Performing arts – music, dance and drama; visual arts – arts and crafts, architecture and design, photography; sports – futsal, basketball, cricket, swimming, martial-art, gymnastic, table-tennis and track and field games are served as mandatory co-curricular activities in PYP grades whereas children have a variety of choices with specialized sports and performing art clubs for the middle school.

National and International exposures

In order to ensure that children have access to the world outside their close community, we enroll students to various national and international events to facilitate them acquires foreign ideas, culture, thoughts and opinions and make them feel at home with uncommon situations. To this end, children are also enrolled in various inter school competitions and events that will not only help them achieve their highest potential but also shape their aspirations.