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Genius School


Dinesh Bom Malla


Great environment and great way of teaching to small kids. I am heartily thankful to the teachers and management team of school who have run the school in such a great way and the way of guiding small kids is really appreciable. I am very proud of my daughter Sheeyukta. Although she is so small, she has developed great intelligence and thinking skills due to great efforts of the teachers of Genius school. I am very proud of my daughter’s school! WELL DONE KEEP IT UP! IT IS AN EXEMPLARY SCHOOL IN KTM!

Naresh Kumar Shrestha


One of the best schools among all. Best teaching method, family environment, caring of kids, hygienic foods. Kids are learning and understanding the world while they are playing. Great.

Srijana Dangol Pokhrel


Great school , great environment , wonderful way of teaching , loving n caring ,very tidy....I can see much improvement with my daughter Stella , especially Nepali -she can talk very well within this two months time. I am very happy. 

Monita Basnet


Very friendly environment, caring n loving teachers and management. My son has improved a lot.

Mamta Sharma Neupane


Exemplary school! Great learning environment!! Team deserves appreciation and pat on their backs for their never tiring zeal towards cultivating abundant skills, values, attitude, norms and much beyond that. This will definitely harvest a civilized citizen having very open mindset. The school has boosted me to dream for my son, Hridaya, in that way. My best wishes for days ahead.