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Genius School


Art and Craft

The school has a strong tradition of art and craft works which not only help our children to experience and develop their physical, social, emotional skills but also make them creative, confident, enthusiastic and passionate about their life as they go through learning by doing approach. 



The school is committed to provide healthy and hygienic meals to the children. We are aware that a variety of well- balanced and nutritious diet is an absolute requirement for both physical and intellectual growth of children. Meals are prepared under hygienic conditions in our modern kitchen by trained staff under the direction/supervision of a professional chef and dietitian. 



We have spacious and children friendly classrooms with multimedia facility and modern teaching aids.


Drama, Dance and Music

Particular emphasis is laid on drama, dance and music. Nepali and folk dance, Western music and dance, instrumental music, dramas and singing are offered to students to develop their knowledge and skills in every segment. Each child takes part in at least one activity at the annual cultural event to exhibit their confidence on stage. 


Health Services

The school has an infirmary service to ensure that student remain safe and healthy. The infirmary attends to minor illnesses and gives first aid services to any student in need. In cases of serious injury or illness, parents are notified and the student is referred to a hospital. 



We have a well-equipped library with extensive range of reference books, fiction and non-fiction books, daily newspapers, periodicals, magazines, current journals, nationals and internationals educational reports and e-library with multimedia facilities. 


Outdoor Education (Field Trips)

We believe outside classroom education (Filed Trips) are integral parts of curriculum. The purposes of these activities are not only to educate our students about the culture and tradition, nature and environment but also help them develop their life skills. 


Parental guidance and counselling

We provide counselling service focusing on personal and intellectual development of an individual. This counselling service is aimed to help our students, parents and teachers develop positive learning experiences. 


Physical Education

The development of mind and body go hand in hand. In short, physical education plays a vital role in creating confident individuals. So sports are an integral part of our education system. 



The school provides transportation service to the children which ensures child safety and comfort ability. Each school van/bus is driven by an experienced driver who is accompanied by an assistant. These members of staff ensure that the students are safe as they travel on the school vehicles.