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Genius School

Our Educational Philosophy

Teaching and learning at Genius School is child focused and active. We aim to empower children to become responsible and capable citizen. We encourage children to pursue their intellectual curiosity and creativity to think for themselves. We believe children learn to express themselves and seek creative solutions to problems creatively through play and interaction with others. Teachers nurture critical thinking and collaborative learning by encouraging students to ask questions without any fear, analyze, and draw logical conclusions.

We offer a developmentally appropriate program based on learning through interaction. Appropriate learning activities are planned according to the developmental needs and abilities of each child. Through free play a child learns to share, co-operate, wait for a turn, listen and follow direction. Through group learning language development and creativity are stimulated and patience is learned.

Indoor and outdoor games help large muscle development, co-ordination and motor skill development. Playing by themselves in a group, children enjoy the company that others provide. Besides these developmental activities we also help children to practice communicating with others and begin to develop social skills.